PgConf.Russia 2017 talks

Monitoring PostgreSQL in, with case studies

Dmitry Vagin
Avito, Senior database developer

Dmitry graduated from the Perm State Technical University with a specialization in the Automated control systems. Since 2008 to 2015 years he has been working as a full-stack developer in a start-up team, and started his introduction in PostgreSQL, solving problems of high-loading, query optimization, developing a fault-tolerant horizontally-scalable system. Since 2015 year he has been working in Avito in the department responsible for PostgreSQL, regarding the change of the data structure, migration, storage, optimization etc.

A short talk about collecting data and monitoring database workload in Avito. Exporting metrics from stored procedures to Graphite. Collecting and visualizing pg_stat* metrics in Grafana. Case studies.