PgConf.Russia 2017 talks

Distributed workflow specifics in PostrgeSQL

Philip Delgyado
ITIS Ltd, Head of Development Department

Philip has been engaged in a wide range of IT-activities, from two-links on Visual Basic to the core SQL development. Last years he has been working mainly with high-load projects on Java. At different times he has developed the biggest in Russia bookmaking engine and the Yandex.Money service, now he is developing a specialized payment system. Philip makes talks at different conferences regularly.

When working with a complex business logic, you often have to implement a workflow - a sequence of several processing steps, with each step implementing a separate part of the business logic. This is usually done with specialized queues, but if there are high reliability demands, it makes sense to do everything on PostgreSQL.

I will describe the tasks that require a workflow implementation, offer a solution, compare it with other options, and tell you about the implementation traps and pitfalls. I will mainly talk about the specifics of interaction between a DBMS and the Application Level.