PgConf.Russia 2017 talks

PostgreSQL introduction for Oracle DBA

Aleš Zelený
Česká spořitelna a.s., Data storage services department manager

I’ve started my relation with databases 1996 with Borland Interbase, later on the open source version Firebird contributing to database and application development of Open Public Access Catalog used by Municipal library of Prague. From 2000 till now I work for Czech savings bank starting on Oracle 7.3 to present 12c version. At 2012 I was on my first Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day which stared my fascination by PostgreSQL. Starting 2013 we are using PostgreSQL for daily business same way as Oracle database and SQL Server.

This talk is intended for Oracle DBAs whose are considering to start using PostgreSQL as another RDBMS engine in their DB portfolio or for PostgreSQL DBAs, who wants to learn some of similarities and differences between Oracle and PostgreSQL. This talk is not intended to be a migration guideline neither advocating one platform over another. General database structure overview for both platforms will be compared in terms of memory configuration parameters; logical to physical structure as well as we’ll touch some security point of view and backup & recovery tools available. Oracle container databases are not covered. The talk want’s to help create a bridge for DBA and avoid some frustrations at the first Oracle DBA step to discover, learn and start using PostgreSQL as reliable fully functional database.