PgConf.Russia 2017 talks

10+ PB efficient storage and processing via PostgreSQL. Novel paradigm of lean data infrastructure for Data-Driven Enterprise

Alexey Valerevich Mergasov
NOXA Data Lab, CTO

Founder and CTO of NoXA Data Lab (company specialized on homogeneous data infrastructures with 10 PB and more capacity). Before NoXA Alexey developed data processing solutions in Informatica Corp. He has more than 12 years of experience of data infrastructure development for big enterprises.

Alexey will present technical details and share hands-on experience of extreme data normalization application for data infrastructure with exceptional parameters design and development. Extreme normalization-based data infrastructures has the following competitive advantages in comparison with market leaders: - Real-time data processing for 10 PB of data and more - 2-6 times better overall performance - 100% data consistency through total data landscape - Almost linear scalability - 4-10 lower cost of ownership - etc The abovementioned approach has been successfully utilized out of Russian market in telecommunication, retail, fin-tech, manufacturing (Industry 4.0, industrial IoT), and government institutions.