PostgreSQL and ORACLE Architecture — comparative review

Viktor Egorov

Data Egret



This talk will compare architectural decisions that are made in PostgreSQL vs. ORACLE and will provide a closer look at the following components of both DBMSs:

  1. The ins and outs of the working DBMS, its processes and their function
  2. Structures that DBMS manages
  3. Durability mechanics of each respective DBMS
  4. MVCC design and database restoration options
  5. Storage of data on the physical media

Each architectural decision will be evaluated based on the experience with DBMS of choice, ease of administration and future improvement possibilities.

This review will demonstrate the notable strengths of PostgreSQL as an open-source DBMS compared to the commercial solution in many cases.

This talk will be interesting for:

  • PostgreSQL users, as it will allow to take a closer look into an alternative DBMS;
  • PostgreSQL administrators, that will be able to see huge administration possibilities that ORACLE offers and that could be adopted in PostgreSQL;
  • PostgreSQL hackers, as Postgres is being actively developed and this talk will review new development segments;
  • Those who are willing to migrate from ORACLE (or any other commercial DBMS) into an open-source project, as this talk will show the features of PostgreSQL compared to the commercial product.

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