Pluggable storages

Alexander Korotkov

Postgres Pro

Chief developer


Pluggable storages is hot subject in PostgreSQL development. The period of heated debates about whether we need them is over. Skepticism about pluggable storages, based on concern that they may be source of inconsistent behavior, was weakened after criticism of PostgreSQL MVCC implementation from Uber side. It became widely understandable that pluggable storages are needed at least for an alternative MVCC implementation. And that is one of way-points for pluggable storages interface design.

At the moment, work on pluggable storages is in the practical stage. There is a thread is pgsql-hackers where few people are developing patchset and several people are doing review.

This talk will cover following subjects:

  • overview of pluggable storages interface;
  • changes in PostgreSQL core required to implement this interface;
  • current and potential implementations of pluggable storages including heap with undo-log and in-memory OLTP engine;
  • current state of patchset and prospective of its commit
  • further development of interface allowing more possibilities in pluggable storages (columnar, index-organized, LSM and so on).

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