High Load Distributed Control Systems for Nuclear Power Plants operation

Vadim Podolny


Deputy CEO

Duration 45 min

This talk will represent a new platform of Distributed Control System for Nuclear Power Plant operation. Participants will learn about control system for very complicated automation objects. In a hard real time node more than 150 special subsystems are operating in order to control various technological processes of nuclear power plant (NPP), such as reactor control system for more than 1000 MW power unit with a turbine weighing more than 2000 tons. More than 100K of data gained from sensors are resulting in up to 500K of parameters representing 5 branches of physical processes: neutron kinetics, hydrodynamics, chemistry and radiochemistry, and physics of strength. Deviations may cause the whole system to become a huge DDoS source made of useful diagnostic information which is always much larger than the network and hardware are capable to manage. This may lead to normal operation failure. The talk will reveal the approaches to solve the issue.

You will learn about hardware and software architecture of such systems, about backup and replication, data redundancy and technological diversity. How to manage high loads, what is QoS, and what will happen in case of normal operation system failure, as for example was at Fukushima. But, hey, there should be a talk about coding! So, no SSD and HDDs, only InMemory, data structures from tens of millions of elements, and forget about processor cache as it does not work. Imagine your newest 4-generation Xeon has lost all the advantages and turned into a "pumpkin", so let's roll up your sleeves and examine timings, synchronicity, and try to make the most of your hardware, discovering the weakest link from processor, operating system and a network.

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