PostgreSQL Scaling Usecases

Alexey Lesovsky

Data Egret

PostgreSQL DBA

Duration 45 min

Today no one is surprised by cloud infrastructure anymore, but not all its components are easy to deploy in cloud. For example, the database is always very demanding in terms of performance and resources. Scaling and fault tolerance are the most acute problems, that's why we have been observing rapid development of alternative DBMS in the recent years. However, traditional relational DBMS have already accumulated a lot of various features, so they often remain the first choice. Besides, they are constantly evolving and offer a wide variety of scaling tools. I will mainly speak about PostgreSQL, when you should consider scaling, and how to do it right.

We will touch upon the following topics:
- Streaming replication and balancing read/write workloads
- Logical replication and data sharding
- High availability and fault tolerance

This talk should be interesting to DBAs, system administrators, team leads, infrastructure architects, as well as wider audience dealing with PostgreSQL.

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