PostgreSQL Certification Program: questions and answers.

Pavel Luzanov

Postgres Professional

Head of Educational Programs

Duration 45 min

In May 2019 «Postgres Professional» launched the PostgreSQL Certification Program. Now you can not only get training in our courses, but also confirm your knowledge by passing an appropriate set of tests.

In this presentation, I will share the results of the first months of the program and answer the most frequently asked questions:

Where can I get information about the certification program?
PostgreSQL or Postgres Pro certification?
Certificates for PostgreSQL version 10. When will you upgrade to the current version?
Do I have to attend training centers?
Can I pass the test remotely? Not in Moscow?
Is it possible to take several tests at once in one day?
How to prepare for the test? Are there any examples of training questions?
During the test I got an incorrect question, what should I do?
How to find out exactly which questions the answers were not correct?
When can I retake after an unsuccessful attempt?
How to appeal the test results? 

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