How I stopped worrying and migrated more than 150 PL/SQL procedures of over 60K lines of code into Postgres

Анатолий Анфиногенов


Заместитель директора научного центра – начальник отдела разработки программного обеспечения АО "ВНИИЖТ"


I will share our experience of migrating a server application for Russian railways from Oracle 11g Standard Edition to vanilla PostgreSQL 11.5.
At the time of migration, the database contained about 200 stored procedures of over 60000 lines of Oracle PL/SQL code (which has been developed since 2006, that is, for more than 12 years), about 250 tables, and 50GB of data.
Starting with a prologue, we'll describe our adventures along the migration process, as well as pleasant and unpleasant surprises we encountered, and finally get to an epilogue and a happy end. The story is told on behalf of an Oracle user exploring Postgres.

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