Experience in using Live Universal Interface (LUI) and PostgreSQL in creating an analytical reporting system

Rustam Abdrakhimov

LLC "FORS Telecom"

Leading Expert

Alexander Liubushkin

"FORS Telecom" LLC



The talk covers the use of PostgreSQL, LUI and LUI4ORA2PG for building an analytical reporting system.

The talk tackles the following topics:

  • migration from an Oracle environment;
  • application of JSON functions;
  • how the temporary tables helped us;
  • our own means for load testing and bottlenecks detection;
  • how to make beautiful GeoJSON format maps to display diagrams on them;
  • installation and testing of the system on an "Elbrus" computer;
  • what became an obstacle or was missing when using PostgreSQL.

The history of growth of the Live Universal Interface (LUI) web application development tool and the LUI4ORA2PG migration tool can be found in our previous presentations at PGConf conferences:

https://pgconf.ru/2019/118109 ;

https://pgconf.ru/201911/264095 ;

https://pgconf.ru/2020/262456 ;

https://pgconf.ru/2021/288310 .

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