Life after migration to PostgreSQL: configuring the database and stored procedures

Anatoly Anfinogenov

VNIIZHT JSC (a subsidiary of RZD OJSC)

Deputy Director of the Research Center, Head of VNIIZHT Software Development Department


Many books end with a wedding, but the reader has no idea about the future life of the heroes except that they lived happily ever after. In 2019, we successfully migrated distributed our railway application from Oracle 11g SE to vanilla PostgreSQL 11.9. But our story did not end with this successful migration - life went on, and sometimes we got startled because of "surprises". We encountered a number of problems, some of which were solved by reorganizing the data, some disappeared after we changed our stored procedures, and some got resolved after tuning the PostgreSQL parameters. Solving our problems would be impossible without the logging and profiling system built into our DB application. Our talk covers the examples of successful detection and resolving of the performance issues that occurred in our PostgreSQL-based application.

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