April 03 – 04 , 2023

PGConf.Russia 2023

PGConf.Russia 2023


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PGConf.Russia 2023
  • Андрей Григорьев
    Андрей Григорьев Ростелеком Информационные технологии
    Юрий Плотников
    Юрий Плотников РТК ИТ
    22 мин

    The story on the development of a database change management solution and what we lacked in Liquibase and Flyway

    We will tell you how we store database objects in the version control system. Then we compare the traditional approaches to manage database migrations and the one we preferred. We will talk about both methods advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we will present our change management solution - pgmig.

  • Игорь Мельников
    Игорь Мельников Postgres Pro
    45 мин

    Oracle-like packages in Postgres Pro Enterprise 15

    One of the main problems when migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL is PL/SQL packages.

    The PostgreSQL DBMS lacks such functionality - this leads to the need to rewrite (up to its redesign!) the Oracle PL/SQL code to PL/pgSQL.

    With the new version of its flagship Postgres Pro 15 Enterpise distribution, Postgres Pro has added support for package functionality: the PL/pgSQL syntax has been extended and new mechanisms have been added to the stored procedure runtime environment. The report will focus on supporting the functionality of packages in Postgres Pro 15 Enterpise: - grouping types of variable procedures and functions into a package; - support for the package initialization section; - support for global package variables available throughout the "life" of the session.

    This presentation will also discuss the features of migration of packages from Oracle to Postgres Pro Enterprise DBMS.

  • P
    Pavel Luzanov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL 16: at the finish line

    April 8, 2023 is the expected feature freeze date for PostgreSQL 16.

    Some of the new features are already known, particularly, we can expect interesting changes related to security and logical replication. However, announcing all interesting patches before the end of the March CommitFest is impossible. Based on the experience of previous releases, we can assume that the most interesting patches will be committed during late March and early April..

    That's why the contents of this talk will remain unknown till the very last moment, the author of this talk will also discover it in due time.

  • Евгений Бредня
    Евгений Бредня Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Corrupt Data Recovery

    How to thoughtfully recover corrupt data...

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PGConf.Russia 2023