Sergey Mirvoda
Sergey Mirvoda ООО Октоника, УрФУ
15:30 17 March
22 мин

Data analysis for all. Developing BI system, working on limited and even shared hardware

Experience we've got after 5 years of developing, deploying and improving BI system http://colibri365.ru used in government. I would talk about government IT reality and our way over it. Postgres performance improvements, using of latest features, overwriting of user generated queries to help query optimizer and other tweaks and hacks to tackle limited hardware problems. These lead us to number of computer science papers and (now committed) patches to Postgres (see Andrey Borodin talks for details).



Другие доклады

  • Dmitry  Lebedev
    Dmitry Lebedev BestPlace
    90 мин

    Researching GIS data with PostGIS and adjacent toolset

    Nowadays one can make a decent urban research based simply on public datasets, making interesting and unexpected insights. In the presentation, I'll show examples of these calculations in PostGIS, the industry standard de-facto.

    But just PostGIS is not enough. You need tools to import, verify and visualize the data. It's critically important to visualize the data live, to debug your calculations and shorten iterations. I'll describe all these steps:

    1. Collecting the data: public API, OpenStreetMap; direct user input.
    2. 3rd party APIs for calculations.
    3. Visualization of GIS and other sorts of data: QGIS, Matplotlib, Zeppelin integrated with PostGIS.
    4. Debugging the calculations: live visualization (Arc, QGIS, NextGIS Web)
    5. Scripting and minimizing the chores: Makefile, Gulp

  • Andreas Scherbaum
    Andreas Scherbaum Pivotal
    22 мин

    Introduction to Greenplum MPP Database

    Overview of the architecture of Greenplum MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) database. Explain the internals of GPDB. Show how to configure and setup GPDB. How to distribute data effectively for MPP


  • Nicholas Sivko
    Nicholas Sivko okmeter.io
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL Diagnostics from the standpoint of a system administrator (not a DBA)

    It often happens that you already have PosgtreSQL in production, but you don’t have a DBA. To demystify the PostgreSQL database, I’ll tell you how to troubleshoot various problems while working with PosgtreSQL. We will try to understand how to answer "routine" questions of a typical system administrator: - Is everything OK with the database? - What consumes DB server resources? - What to optimize first to reduce resource consumption?


  • Dmitry Cremer
    Dmitry Cremer МИА "Россия Сегодня"
    22 мин

    Building PostgreSQL from sources for system administrators

    • why we build PostgreSQL from sources?
    • choice build options
    • dependencies
    • creation system environment
    • how to customise Linux for work with PostgreSQL
    • extra soft for PostgreSQL DBA