Dmitry Yuhtimovsky
Dmitry Yuhtimovsky Gilev.ru
16:00 16 March
45 мин

Debugging 1С code in PostgreSQL DBMS

  1. 1C:Enterprise 8 and PostgreSQL 9 interoperability 1.1 Changes in new 1C platform versions 1.2 v81c_data and v81c_index schemas 1.3 Sending 1C queries to SQL 1.4 Using 1C technological log events for PostgreSQL diagnostics
  2. Analyzing queries that affect PostgreSQL performance 2.1 A free tool for automating log parsing 2.2 Pareto principle in action 2.3 Installation and configuration of the tool 2.4 A case study of query optimization 2.4.1 An issue in a PostgreSQL query 2.4.2 Finding non-optimal operations in a query 2.4.3 Resolving inefficiencies
  3. PostgreSQL statistics for performance diagnostics 3.1 Comparing Postgres with MS SQL Server 3.2 Troubleshooting locks 3.3 Operating load diagnostics 4 Case studies by the gilev.ru team


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    1C:Enterprise business platform: working with PostgreSQL

    "1C:Enterprise" is the most popular in Russia/Eastern Europe business applications development framework supports PostgreSQL for 10+ years. We'll review some cases and pecularities of 1C and PostgreSQL tandem.

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    I will tell you about why Postgres is first-choice product as a foundation for your BI system with classical OLAP workload. Briefly it will be said about existing open source BI solutions.

    I will also describe specific of our architecture, why we chose snowflake scheme and how we are doing extract, transformation and load procedures. It will be mentioned about special Postgres tuning for OLAP and massive data bulkload workloads. Also I will let you know about Postgres usage as a column database with cstore_fdw by Citus and results achieved. Cons and problems of our approach will be described in the end of the talk.


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    Aleš Zelený Česká spořitelna a.s.
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