Anastasia Lubennikova
Anastasia Lubennikova Postgres Professional
Teodor Sigaev
Teodor Sigaev Postgres Professional
Alexander Korotkov
Alexander Korotkov Postgres Professional
11:00 03 February
180 мин

PostgreSQL Kernel and Extensions Programming



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  • Michael  Paquier
    Michael Paquier

    PostgreSQL and backups

    A backup is something that no Postgres deployments should go without as it gives the insurance to get back a deployment on its feet should a disaster strike.

    In this talk we will discuss why backups are essential in any sane PostgreSQL deployments (this seems obvious) and what are the different options available to define and set up a good backup strategy. On top of that is discussed how the future of backups would need to be handled, particularly regarding differential backups that gain in popularity among users with large deployments.

  • Peter Gribanov
    Peter Gribanov
    22 мин

    1C:Enterprise: the most popular in Russia/CIS ERP level development platform that supports PostgreSQL

    More than 300.000 developers use technology platform "1C:Enterprise" as a main development tool. I'll tell you about architecture and features that made "1C:Enterprise" one of the most popular development environment in Russia and CIS and about growing popularity of PostgreSQL amongst 1C users.

  • Oleg Ivanov
    Oleg Ivanov Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Machine learning for better query planning

    In the speech we consider the current PostgreSQL planner model, then the possibilities of applying machine learning methods for planner improvement and the obtained results.

  • Andreas Scherbaum
    Andreas Scherbaum Pivotal

    How we made Greenplum Open Source

    Greenplum is a PostgreSQL fork, optimized for Analytics and Data Warehouse use cases. Pivotal announced in early 2015 that a number of products will go Open Source, one of them is Greenplum Database. This talk provides an overview over the history of Greenplum, the entire process of bringing the product into Open Source, all the stumbling blocks we ran into, and explains how contributors can participate.