Marco Slot
Marco Slot Citus Data
15:00 17 March
45 мин

Towards 1M writes/sec: Scaling PostgreSQL using Citus MX

Citus allows you to distribute postgres tables across many servers. It extends postgres to transparently delegate or parallelise work across a set of worker nodes, enabling you to scale out the CPU and memory available for queries.

One year ago, we began a long journey to allow Citus to scale out another dimension: write throughput. With writes being routed through a single postgres node, write throughput in Citus was ultimately bottlenecked on the CPUs of a single node. Citus MX is a new edition of Citus which allows distributed tables to be used from from any of the nodes, enabling NoSQL-like write-scalability.


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  • Ivan Frolkov
    Ivan Frolkov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Relocatable tables in PostgresPro

    With big data threads, even the upload of data to a database can often be problematic – apart from the data upload itself, you need to create indexes, perform VACUUM after the upload for correct Index-only scans, etc. From this talk, you will learn how to avoid most of such problems (if not all of them).


  • Roland Sonnenschein
    Roland Sonnenschein Hesotech GmbH
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    Optimized use of PostgreSQL in real world production

    Often it is enforced by the customer or even by law, to document the circumstances of the production of parts or lots. This talk is about the automated generation and storage of the corresponding administrative data and their correlation to measurements. Administrative data are entities like suppliers batch, article, serial number or production date. They are often to be exchanged with ERP systems.

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    PostGIS for moving targets

    PostGIS enables spatial processing in Postgres. Usually PostGIS is used for planar euclidean calculations, but real world adds time, ambiguity and uncertainty. We'll have a look on making a thousand of cars move smoothly in real time on OpenStreetMap base map.


  • Илья Космодемьянский
    Илья Космодемьянский Data Egret
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    Linux IO internals for PostgreSQL administrators

    Input-output (IO) performance issues have been on DBAs’ agenda since the beginning of databases. The volume of data grows rapidly and time is of an essence when one needs to get necessary data fast from the disk and, more importantly, to the disk.

    For most databases it is relatively easy to find checklist of recommended Linux settings to maximize IO throughput and, in most cases, this checklist is indeed good enough. It is however essential always to understand how the optimisation of those settings actually works, especially, if you run into corner cases.