Darafei Praliaskouski
Darafei Praliaskouski Juno
18:00 16 March
45 мин

PostGIS for moving targets

PostGIS enables spatial processing in Postgres. Usually PostGIS is used for planar euclidean calculations, but real world adds time, ambiguity and uncertainty. We'll have a look on making a thousand of cars move smoothly in real time on OpenStreetMap base map.



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  • Andrei Nikolayenko
    Andrei Nikolayenko Скала-Р
    Alexander Korotkov
    Alexander Korotkov Postgres Professional
    Борис Нейман
    Борис Нейман Mellanox
    22 мин
  • Aleksei Plotnikov
    Aleksei Plotnikov Skype
    45 мин

    Database platform architecture and administrating PostgreSQL in Skype

    Most of the main Skype services use a database platform based on PostgreSQL and other open-source technologies, such as Skytools, plProxy, pgBouncer, etc. This platform consists of several hundreds of servers with thousands of databases, which process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. At the same time, the platform architecture allows its users (applications and their developers) to work with "logical" databases, without any worries about their real “physical” structure.

    Our Skype Database Platform team is responsible for the database platform infrastructure. We develop automation systems for various processes that help us ensure service reliability and facilitate development, testing, and deployment of code. In this presentation, I will outline the database platform architecture, review its main components, and tell you about the methods we use in our every-day work to ensure high availability, scalability, replication, fault tolerance, and more.

  • Andrey Fefelov
    Andrey Fefelov Mastery.pro
    45 мин

    Postgres as BI platform core, features, practical experience

    I will tell you about why Postgres is first-choice product as a foundation for your BI system with classical OLAP workload. Briefly it will be said about existing open source BI solutions.

    I will also describe specific of our architecture, why we chose snowflake scheme and how we are doing extract, transformation and load procedures. It will be mentioned about special Postgres tuning for OLAP and massive data bulkload workloads. Also I will let you know about Postgres usage as a column database with cstore_fdw by Citus and results achieved. Cons and problems of our approach will be described in the end of the talk.


  • Dmitry Belyavskiy
    Dmitry Belyavskiy ТЦИ
    45 мин

    Cryptography in RDBMS

    Real-word data often need cryptographycal protection. The presentation describes typical problems that can be solved using cryptographycal methods and the right ways to use cryptography with RDBMS. The newest solutions suggested for usage with PostgreSQL are described.