Yury Zhukovets
Yury Zhukovets ЗАО Дилжитал-Дизайн
10:00 17 March
45 мин

Migrating DocsVision EDMS from MS SQL to Postgres

This talk is about migrating an electronic document management system from MS SQL to PostgreSQL 9.5 or higher as part of the import phaseout initiative. We will touch upon architecture specifics, as well as describe the problems we encountered when migrating T-SQL code to pgsql, and how we resolved them.

Learn more at https://pgconf.ru/news/94168



Другие доклады

  • Oleg Ivanov
    Oleg Ivanov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Adaptive query optimization in PostgreSQL

    Query optimization is an important problem, which solution has a great influence on DBMS performance, especially for complex queries. In this talk we consider PostgreSQL query optimizer and specifically cardinality estimation problem for correlated clauses, which is one of the most well-known drawbacks of query optimizers in general. In the talk we propose our solution for this problem which involves machine learning methods and is available for PostgreSQL 9.6 as an extension with a patch. We discuss the experimental evaluation, advantages, disadvantages, and fields of application of the proposed approach as well.


  • Dmitry Susha
    Dmitry Susha ООО Испаер Системс
    22 мин

    Automation of migration to PostgreSQL from various databases

    The report is focused on the topic of automation of migration to PostgreSQL from other databases using Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit. The issues of data and SQL code migration, conversion of client applications, embedded SQL and database API will be covered, the examples of implemented projects of migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL and from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL will be given.


  • Dmitry Vasilyev
    Dmitry Vasilyev Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    Mamonsu – a Swiss Army knife for managing and monitoring PostgreSQL

    This tutorial shows how to properly monitor PostgreSQL. We will discuss the mamonsu utility, see how to configure it, examine its hidden features and learn how to extend them.

  • Vladimir  Borodin
    Vladimir Borodin Яндекс
    45 мин

    Connection pooling at any scale

    It's not a secret that PostgreSQL connections are expensive so you should save them. To solve this problem there are PgPool-II and PgBouncer for quite a long time. At Yandex tens of thousands of connections to a single database is not a surprise so we use pgbouncer since time immemorial. This talk gives an overview of problems we faced and ways to solve them.