Dmitry Vagin
Dmitry Vagin Avito
14:30 17 March
22 мин

Monitoring PostgreSQL in Avito.ru, with case studies

A short talk about collecting data and monitoring database workload in Avito. Exporting metrics from stored procedures to Graphite. Collecting and visualizing pg_stat* metrics in Grafana. Case studies.



Видео доступно только участникам мероприятия, выполнившим вход в личный кабинет

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  • Michael Kagan
    Michael Kagan Mellanox Technologies
    22 мин

    Building high-performance scale-out Database Solutions

    Modern high-performance and scale-out Database solutions need to move huge amounts of data between the system components. They need to perform it quickly and without delay for the end-user. While developing interconnect technologies Mellanox focuses on highest bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and advanced CPU offload capabilities. In this session Michael will tell about fast interconnect value for Database and Big Data solutions and will share Mellanox experience in building such systems in cooperation with leading global vendors.


  • Egor Rogov
    Egor Rogov Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    ProBackup: fast, reliable, and incremental

    Modern state of backup tools for PostgreSQL certainly leaves some room for improvements. Standard utilities provides only basic functionality, third-party tools solve some, but not all, problems. To take backups reliably, fast, and incrementally on page level, one needs not only a backup tool, but also some support from the database server. On this tutorial we will talk about our new backup and recovery manager ProBackup, and will show it in action.

    Demonstration script:

  • Gregory Smolkin
    Gregory Smolkin Postgres Professional
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  • Алексей Лесовский
    Алексей Лесовский Data Egret
    45 мин

    Troubleshooting PostgreSQL Streaming Replication

    Streaming replication has been introduced in 2010 and quickly became one of the most popular features of PostgreSQL. Today, it is hard to imagine PostgreSQL installation without streaming replication. With its stability, high efficiency and ease of configuration one would have thought it is an optimal feature. However, while using it you might sometimes enter murky waters. This often can be resolved by using a combination of built-in and third party troubleshooting tools. In my talk I will provide an overview of these tools and explain how with their help one can diagnose, understand and eliminate problems related to streaming replication. I will also go through the most frequent issues occurring when streaming replication is used and will propose possible solutions. This talk is primarily aimed at DBAs and system administrators who use PostgreSQL in their day-to-day.