Dmitry Susha
Dmitry Susha ООО Испаер Системс
15:00 16 March
22 мин

Automation of migration to PostgreSQL from various databases

The report is focused on the topic of automation of migration to PostgreSQL from other databases using Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit. The issues of data and SQL code migration, conversion of client applications, embedded SQL and database API will be covered, the examples of implemented projects of migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL and from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL will be given.



Другие доклады

  • Dmitry Belyavskiy
    Dmitry Belyavskiy ТЦИ
    45 мин

    Cryptography in RDBMS

    Real-word data often need cryptographycal protection. The presentation describes typical problems that can be solved using cryptographycal methods and the right ways to use cryptography with RDBMS. The newest solutions suggested for usage with PostgreSQL are described.


  • Sergey Mirvoda
    Sergey Mirvoda ООО Октоника, УрФУ
    22 мин

    Data analysis for all. Developing BI system, working on limited and even shared hardware

    Experience we've got after 5 years of developing, deploying and improving BI system http://colibri365.ru used in government. I would talk about government IT reality and our way over it. Postgres performance improvements, using of latest features, overwriting of user generated queries to help query optimizer and other tweaks and hacks to tackle limited hardware problems. These lead us to number of computer science papers and (now committed) patches to Postgres (see Andrey Borodin talks for details).


  • Philip Delgyado
    Philip Delgyado ООО «Лектон»
    22 мин

    Complex structures without ORM

    I love complex knowledge domains, strong typing in applications, and 3NF, but I hate ORM. That is why I’ve been actively storing serialized structures in JSON fields (even before the JSON type was introduced). In this talk, I will tell you about some specifics of storing complex structures within DBMS fields, what problems can arise, and how to cushion the blow.


  • Maksim Viharev
    Maksim Viharev Alytics
    45 мин

    Using PostgreSQL in automating contextual advertising by Alytics for near real-time processing of mixed OLTP/OLAP load

    In the data persistence layer, using PostgreSQL from the very start of development, we went all the way from a small cluster on a virtual machine to a multi-host system that provides near real-time processing of mixed OLTP/OLAP load. In this talk, I’m going to tell you about the main development stages of our analytical solution at the application and infrastructure levels, and describe the specifics of using PG that we encountered.