Masahiko Sawada
Masahiko Sawada NTT OSS Center
12:00 16 March
45 мин

Buit-in Sharding update and future

Database sharding enables a distribution of the database over a large number of machines, greatly improving performance. With the advent of Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW), it's possible to consider a database sharding in PostgreSQL with acceptable level of code changes using FDW. We've been working on enhancing around FDW infrastructure such as foreign table inheritance and pushing down so that PostgreSQL can execute the distributed query efficiently using FDW. In this talk, I'll cover what FDW-based sharding is and what use-cases it can cover. And then I'll demonstrate how to build sharding and describe our achievement of a FDW-based sharding in PostgreSQL community. Finally, I'll describe further enhancements to FDW such as Async Execution and Distributed Transaction Support.



Другие доклады

  • Philip Delgyado
    Philip Delgyado ООО «Лектон»
    22 мин

    Complex structures without ORM

    I love complex knowledge domains, strong typing in applications, and 3NF, but I hate ORM. That is why I’ve been actively storing serialized structures in JSON fields (even before the JSON type was introduced). In this talk, I will tell you about some specifics of storing complex structures within DBMS fields, what problems can arise, and how to cushion the blow.


  • Michael Kagan
    Michael Kagan Mellanox Technologies
    22 мин

    Building high-performance scale-out Database Solutions

    Modern high-performance and scale-out Database solutions need to move huge amounts of data between the system components. They need to perform it quickly and without delay for the end-user. While developing interconnect technologies Mellanox focuses on highest bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and advanced CPU offload capabilities. In this session Michael will tell about fast interconnect value for Database and Big Data solutions and will share Mellanox experience in building such systems in cooperation with leading global vendors.


  • Alexander Alekseev
    Alexander Alekseev Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    ZSON, PostgreSQL extension for transparent JSONB compression

    ZSON is a PostgreSQL extension for transparent JSONB compression. Compression is based on a shared dictionary of strings most frequently used in specific JSONB documents (not only keys, but also values, array elements, etc). In some cases ZSON can save half of your disk space and give you about 10% more TPS.


  • Andrey Fefelov
    Andrey Fefelov Mastery.pro
    45 мин

    Postgres as BI platform core, features, practical experience

    I will tell you about why Postgres is first-choice product as a foundation for your BI system with classical OLAP workload. Briefly it will be said about existing open source BI solutions.

    I will also describe specific of our architecture, why we chose snowflake scheme and how we are doing extract, transformation and load procedures. It will be mentioned about special Postgres tuning for OLAP and massive data bulkload workloads. Also I will let you know about Postgres usage as a column database with cstore_fdw by Citus and results achieved. Cons and problems of our approach will be described in the end of the talk.