Alvaro Hernandez
Alvaro Hernandez 8Kdata
11:00 16 March
45 мин

Migrating off of MongoDB to PostgreSQL

MongoDB is a successful database in the NoSQL space, mostly used for OLTP-type workloads. However, due to the lack of ACID (transactions in particular) and significant performance issues with OLAP/DW workloads, more and more MongoDB users are considering migrating off of MongoDB to a RDBMS, where PostgreSQL is the usual choice. This represents a significant opportunity for the PostgreSQL ecosystem, to "bring NoSQL to SQL". This talk will present the challenges that MongoDB users are facing and the state of the art of the available tools and open source solutions available to perform ETL and live migrations to PostgreSQL. In particular, ToroDB Stampede will be discussed, an open source solution that replicates live from MongoDB, transform JSON documents into relational tables, and stores the data in PostgreSQL.



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    Researching GIS data with PostGIS and adjacent toolset

    Nowadays one can make a decent urban research based simply on public datasets, making interesting and unexpected insights. In the presentation, I'll show examples of these calculations in PostGIS, the industry standard de-facto.

    But just PostGIS is not enough. You need tools to import, verify and visualize the data. It's critically important to visualize the data live, to debug your calculations and shorten iterations. I'll describe all these steps:

    1. Collecting the data: public API, OpenStreetMap; direct user input.
    2. 3rd party APIs for calculations.
    3. Visualization of GIS and other sorts of data: QGIS, Matplotlib, Zeppelin integrated with PostGIS.
    4. Debugging the calculations: live visualization (Arc, QGIS, NextGIS Web)
    5. Scripting and minimizing the chores: Makefile, Gulp

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    Voskhod PostgreSQL on Elbrus

    Practical experience of carrying out import substitution with using PostgreSQL in government information system including not only the free software, but also the Russian hardware (Elbrus servers and other).


  • Vladimir  Borodin
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    Connection pooling at any scale

    It's not a secret that PostgreSQL connections are expensive so you should save them. To solve this problem there are PgPool-II and PgBouncer for quite a long time. At Yandex tens of thousands of connections to a single database is not a surprise so we use pgbouncer since time immemorial. This talk gives an overview of problems we faced and ways to solve them.