Иван Картышов
Иван Картышов Postgres Professional
Dmitry Ivanov
Dmitry Ivanov Postgres Professional
18:15 06 February
22 мин



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  • Ivan Panchenko
    Ivan Panchenko Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    Server side programming in PL/Perl, PL/Python, PL/v8

    Tutorial will show specifics of server programming in these languages. I will present practical examples and compare the features of these languages in PostgreSQL environment from the viewpoint of solving practical tasks.

  • Nikolay Ryzhikov
    Nikolay Ryzhikov Health Samurai
    45 мин

    Database driven development with postgresql & clojure

    If you honestly evaluate most of our business applications, you will see that they first collect and import the data into a database and then send the same data in the opposite direction.

    What if we don't build an ORM wall between the application and the database, but try using the symbiosis of their strong points and special features instead?

    I will tell you how we use PostgreSQL and Clojure for building data-intensive medical applications. We will cover the following topics:

    • functional relational programming
    • jsonb for modeling complex data domains
    • functional indexes and json-knife extension for jsonb search
    • graphql implementation on PostgreSQL
    • logical replication for building reactive integrations
    • asynchronous JDBC-free connector to PostgreSQL on netty

  • Антон Дорошкевич
    Антон Дорошкевич Инфософт
    45 мин

    1C-Battle. PostgreSQL vs MS SQL

    Comparison of capabilities of PostgreSQL and MS SQL to work with 1С. What does pg_restore mean for 1С user? Results of load testing for 1C database of more than 1TB size. The story of one 1C Production: 2 years, 500+ databases 1C, 4TB of data, cascading replication.

  • Ivan Panchenko
    Ivan Panchenko Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    Full text search from A to Ω

    Tutorial on Full Text Seach in PostgreSQL, containing all recent improvemets. All recipies necessary for building an application will be given: dictionary and parser configuration, faceted search, fuzzy search, multilanguage search, ranking etc. Participants will be provided with a test database for exercises.