Alex Lustin
Alex Lustin SilverBulleters, LLC
17:15 07 February
45 мин

Docker, PostgreSQL, Production ....

I would like to share experience in runing PostgreSQL in dockerized environments, describe the specific issues and tools you will need to solve them.

  • Which problems could be solved by Docker for PostgreSQL, e.g. PostgreSQLPro.9.6
  • Work of IT team with Docker in development, testing and production environments
    • Using image repository and build servers for image testing
  • Issues in production environment:
    • With network activity
    • With persistent repositories for Docker
    • With additional services
    • With load balancing and fail-safety
  • Running PostgreSQL-base applications, such as:
    • SonarQube
    • Gitlab
    • 1С platform


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    We will cover analytics performance, data alignment, reasons for building extensions in C, and moving data around between servers in multiple data centers.