Teodor Sigaev
Teodor Sigaev Postgres Professional
Anton Doroshkevich
Anton Doroshkevich ИнфоСофт
14:30 04 February
45 мин

"The world 1C" waiting for PostgreSQL

One of the most widespread branches of PostgreSQL distribution in Russia is 1C. In the report I would like to share thoughts about what is missing in PostgreSQL according to 1C



Другие доклады

  • Álvaro Hernández
    Álvaro Hernández OnGres
    45 мин

    StackGres: Cloud-Native PostgreSQL on Kubernetes

    An enterprise-grade PostgreSQL requires many complementary technologies to the database core: high availability and automated failover, monitoring and alerting, centralized logging, connection pooling, etc. That is, a stack of components around PostgreSQL. Kubernetes has enabled a new model to deploy software abstracting away the infrastructure. However, containers are not lightweight VMs, and the packing of software paradigms that work on VMs are not valid on containers/Kubernetes. How should be PostgreSQL and its stack be deployed on Kubernetes? Enter StackGres. An open source software that is the result of re-engineering PostgreSQL to become cloud native. Join this talk to learn and see demos of how to generate PostgreSQL minimal containers; how the sidecar pattern is used (abused) to integrate PostgreSQL’s stack components, and how the networking and storage are handled. More info: stackgres.io.

  • Алексей Лесовский
    Алексей Лесовский PostgreSQL Consulting LLC
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL Scaling Usecases

    Today no one is surprised by cloud infrastructure anymore, but not all its components are easy to deploy in cloud. For example, the database is always very demanding in terms of performance and resources. Scaling and fault tolerance are the most acute problems, that's why we have been observing rapid development of alternative DBMS in the recent years. However, traditional relational DBMS have already accumulated a lot of various features, so they often remain the first choice. Besides, they are constantly evolving and offer a wide variety of scaling tools. I will mainly speak about PostgreSQL, when you should consider scaling, and how to do it right.

    We will touch upon the following topics:
    - Streaming replication and balancing read/write workloads
    - Logical replication and data sharding
    - High availability and fault tolerance

    This talk should be interesting to DBAs, system administrators, team leads, infrastructure architects, as well as wider audience dealing with PostgreSQL.

  • Gregory Smolkin
    Gregory Smolkin Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    Database backup with pg_probackup

    pg_probackup is a flexible tool that allows choosing the backup strategy depending on the write load of the PostgreSQL cluster, as well as offers a number of other features that can facilitate this vital aspect of database maintenance. In this tutorial, we will see how to apply this tool in practice.

  • Andrei Salnikov
    Andrei Salnikov Data Egret
    45 мин

    Tracking poor queries

    Tracking poor queries is an infinity quest for developers, who works with databases. Often we think that it is guilty the slow and big queries. But what to do if we do not have that kind of queries between backend and database? Which kind of queries should we looking for? What tools should be used for that work? This talk will cover all these questions.