Ivan Frolkov
Ivan Frolkov Postgres Professional
11:00 05 February
45 мин

Typical errors in application software working on PostgreSQL

Software applications working on PostgreSQL is a very typical case in my practice. Some of them manage to work well, some of them do not. In the talk I will focus on errors and problems of the last ones.



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  • Piotr Jarmuż
    Piotr Jarmuż Allegro sp. z.o.o
    45 мин

    Hacking with Postgres 11 - pg_threads

    My presentation is about writing extensions in Postgres. I have written pg_threads that implements simplified POSIX thread API inside Postgres database. It adds a new powerful abstraction giving database developers new opportunities for writing parallel code thus taking advantage of multicore CPUs. There is an extra API for transactional and non-transactional IPC between threads. I also have an example application that takes advantage of this new API that scales linearly even across 2 nodes. The presentation is with live working demo using vagrant project with 2 VMs running Ubuntu and 2 Postgres 11 databases.

  • Dmitry Yuhtimovsky
    Dmitry Yuhtimovsky Gilev.ru
    22 мин

    Magic tricks followed by exposure (1C+PG)

    Magic tricks followed by exposure (1C+PG):

    • Focus number one. How to convince the accounting department to buy a new server.
    • Focus number two. How to show that MS SQL is faster than PostgreSQL.
    • Focus number three. How to show that PostgreSQL is faster than MS SQL Server.

  • Miroslav Šedivý
    Miroslav Šedivý solute GmbH
    45 мин

    Bitemporality: Tracking Reproducible Revisions in PostgreSQL Using RANGE Types

    So you finally have your database model for your application and you fill it in with current data. How do you keep it up to date? While INSERT may still be transparent, UPDATE and DELETE will overwrite your previous data, so you won't be able to reproduce them. Cloning the whole huge content for each minor update is not an option. For rich and complex data about hundreds of thousands of power generators in Germany and worldwide, I built a model using range data types in recent PostgreSQL which allows me to insert, update and delete data while granting the full access to the whole state of the database at any historical moment. I'll present a very simplified version of the database so the audience will be immediately able to apply it for their cases. I'll also show a few tricks in Python and Psycopg2 that will allow a whole team to prepare, review, and deploy all revisions to this database without merge conflicts. And I'll give a few ideas on how to retrieve this data efficiently.

  • Maksim Viharev
    Maksim Viharev Alytics
    45 мин

    GreenHouseSQL as a scalable analytics system for postgresql, greenplum and clickhouse

    At pgconf’17 I talked about our analytics systems based on PostgreSQL. Afterwards we looked at hadoop, s3, presto, vertica, and other frights. Finally we stopped to suffer nonsense and just completed PostgreSQL with ready Greenplum and Clickhouse. As a result, we achieved amazing performance, fast migration, easy maintenance, reliability and horizontal scalability. We enabled to recover the system after fault in two commands, decreased infrastructure costs and expanded functionality due to ANSI SQL, MPP and In-memory. All within the open-source and full SQL paradigm. We called the product GreenHouseSQL, which is our inner whole cycle data platform. In the talk we will show the beauty of solution internals, explain the advantages and flaws, tips and tricks of starting with Greenplum, as well as why do we need Clickhouse, what is left to PostgreSQL, and eventually how does it all work.