Dmitry Yuhtimovsky
Dmitry Yuhtimovsky Gilev.ru
12:00 05 February
22 мин

Magic tricks followed by exposure (1C+PG)

Magic tricks followed by exposure (1C+PG):

  • Focus number one. How to convince the accounting department to buy a new server.
  • Focus number two. How to show that MS SQL is faster than PostgreSQL.
  • Focus number three. How to show that PostgreSQL is faster than MS SQL Server.



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  • Julien Rouhaud
    Julien Rouhaud
    45 мин

    HypoPG 2: Hypothetical Partitioning support for PostgreSQL

    Declarative partitioning was a long-awaited feature and has been enhanced since its introduction in PostgreSQL 10. However, for many users, finding optimal partitioning schemes to have the best benefits from partitioning is not an easy task. Therefore, we added in HypoPG a new hypothetical partitioning feature which helps users to design partitioning. In this presentation, I will provide a brief introduction of HypoPG and explain declarative partitioning, and then I'll show the usage of hypothetical partitioning feature and explain how the extension is working.

  • Pavel Trukhanov
    Pavel Trukhanov okmeter.io
    22 мин

    Postgres monitoring with USE and RED

    Brendan Gregg’s USE (Utilization, Saturation, Errors) method for monitoring is quite known. There’s also Tom Wilkie’s RED (Rate, Errors, Durations) method, which is suggested to be better suited to monitor services than USE. I want to talk about how we employ these methodologies when we develop our Postgres monitoring in okmeter.io.

  • Alexander Kukushkin
    Alexander Kukushkin Zalando SE
    45 мин

    How not to screw up when building HA cluster

    You just set up your first PostgreSQL cluster, created a database schema, loaded some data, did some fine tuning of configuration. Now you want to make your cluster highly available. Unfortunately, PostgreSQL doesn't offer built-in automatic failover, but luckily for us, there are plenty of external tools for that. As a next logical step you start choosing a tool, and... you already doing it wrong, because first you have to define SLA, RTO, and RPO. In this talk I am going to cover most of the common mistakes people do when setting up a highly available cluster.

  • Sergey Andreev
    Sergey Andreev ООО "Ортикон-Групп"
    22 мин

    What stops the transition on PostgreSQL and how to overcome it

    Several real cases from those who stopped the migration to PostgreSQL.