Maksim Viharev
Maksim Viharev Alytics
17:00 06 February
45 мин

GreenHouseSQL as a scalable analytics system for postgresql, greenplum and clickhouse

At pgconf’17 I talked about our analytics systems based on PostgreSQL. Afterwards we looked at hadoop, s3, presto, vertica, and other frights. Finally we stopped to suffer nonsense and just completed PostgreSQL with ready Greenplum and Clickhouse. As a result, we achieved amazing performance, fast migration, easy maintenance, reliability and horizontal scalability. We enabled to recover the system after fault in two commands, decreased infrastructure costs and expanded functionality due to ANSI SQL, MPP and In-memory. All within the open-source and full SQL paradigm. We called the product GreenHouseSQL, which is our inner whole cycle data platform. In the talk we will show the beauty of solution internals, explain the advantages and flaws, tips and tricks of starting with Greenplum, as well as why do we need Clickhouse, what is left to PostgreSQL, and eventually how does it all work.



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