Александр Смолин
Александр Смолин Красноярский ИВЦ - СП ГВЦ - ОАО "РЖД"
: December
22 мин

Configuring and profiling VMware virtual infrastructure for PostgreSQL intensive input/output

Virtualization in companies has become an alternative to the conservative "one task-one server" approach, which allows efficient use of hardware resources, centralized management of server infrastructure, saving energy and cooling resources. The report explains how to configure the VMware environment for intensive input / output PostgreSQL and profiling tools virtual infrastructure to monitor performance and resolve identified problems.



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  • Peter Gribanov
    Peter Gribanov
    22 мин

    1С:Enterprise and PostgreSQL

    • 1С: as a cross-platform business application development environment
    • 1С and PostgreSQL together since 2006
    • 1C How to work with 1С on PostgreSQL in 1cFresh cloud service
    • What major improvements in 1С:platform make work with PostgreSQL more efficient.

  • Anton Doroshkevich
    Anton Doroshkevich ИнфоСофт
    22 мин

    Russia's first BlockChain on 1C+PostgreSQL

    During the report, I would like to share the experience of implementing BlockChain in a real business task based on 1C+PostgreSQL. Where did this task come from? From whom do we protect data with the help of technology? How to get a chain integrity report of tens of millions of records in seconds?

  • Artem Ivanov
    Artem Ivanov Atos IT S&S
    Alexey Ignatov
    Alexey Ignatov Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Migration to PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro on multi-core Bull servers. With your own hands-on experience.

    To migrate to a PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro we need multi-core servers to be carefully tuned for correct parallelism. What settings make multi-terabyte installations work fast and correctly?

    We will share our PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro on BullSequana S and Bullion S servers testing experience.

      The features of this hardware platform which are crucial for high-loaded configurations
    • Multi-core Scale-up servers and PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro
    • Results of stress testing of PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro running on the equipment.
  • Joshua Drake
    Joshua Drake Command Prompt, Inc.
    180 мин

    Practical Postgres Replication

    In this tutorial we will discuss Binary and Logical replication in a practitioner format. The topics that will be included are native Postgres replication technologies, configuring and managing them. We will also discuss performance and draw backs of various architectures (sync vs async etc...). At the end of this presentation the attendees will be able to configure a basic replication deployment with HOT Standby and well as have an understanding of other technologies such as Point in Time Recovery and cascading replication.