Artem Ivanov
Artem Ivanov Atos IT S&S
Alexey Ignatov
Alexey Ignatov Postgres Professional
15:30 06 February
22 мин

Migration to PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro on multi-core Bull servers. With your own hands-on experience.

To migrate to a PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro we need multi-core servers to be carefully tuned for correct parallelism. What settings make multi-terabyte installations work fast and correctly?

We will share our PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro on BullSequana S and Bullion S servers testing experience.

    The features of this hardware platform which are crucial for high-loaded configurations
  • Multi-core Scale-up servers and PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro
  • Results of stress testing of PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro running on the equipment.



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  • Alexander Liubushkin
    Alexander Liubushkin ООО "ФОРС Телеком"
    Rustam Abdrakhimov
    Rustam Abdrakhimov ООО Форс-Телеком
    22 мин

    Live Universal Interface (LUI) - team development tool WEB interface applications for Postgres

    Our company has developed a software product Live Universal Interface (LUI) is a tool to quickly create and modify standardized on-screen forms to WEB browsers without compiling code, know just enough SQL. LUI is aimed at B2B, B2G, G2C and B2C segments and intended for use in billing systems, financial management, accounting and control of production, where you must decide first and foremost functional tasks, rather than demonstrate unnecessary graphics elements.

    Collective elaboration is provided by storing all elements of program code in the total database, which can be located on the corporate server or in the "cloud" on a third-party site.

  • Christopher Travers
    Christopher Travers DeliveryHero SE
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    Data Recovery in PostgreSQL on a Damaged Filesystem

    This case study walks participants through a case where we decided to embark on a data recovery effort. This talk is applicable to all users, from novices to advanced PostgreSQL database administrators. Beginners will get an understanding of what data recovery is and is not, what expectations to have going into it, and how to work with contracted experts in order to ensure the best possible outcome, while more advanced users and experts will also get a fair bit out of the technical aspects of the case study.

    While the talk will emphasize non-technical operational aspects of data recovery, it will also include discussions of the internals of PostgreSQL we had to work with, as well as how we went about approaching difficulties so that we could retrieve the data we hoped to.

  • Jignesh Shah
    Jignesh Shah Amazon Web Services
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    Deep Dive into the RDS PostgreSQL Universe

    In this session we will deep dive into the exciting features of Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, including new versions of PostgreSQL releases, new extensions, larger instances. We will also show benchmarks of new RDS instance types, and their value proposition. We will also look at how high availability and read scaling works on RDS PostgreSQL. We will also explore lessons we have learned managing a large fleet of PostgreSQL instances, including important tunables and possible gotchas around pg_upgrade.

  • Ivan Panchenko
    Ivan Panchenko Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    NoSQL/PL: Programming in non-SQL-like procedural languages

    Workshop on Server-Side development in procedural languages PL/Perl ,PL/Python, PL / v8 inside PostgreSQL and Postgres Pro. You will not only learn what they are for but also how to use them correctly and what results can be achieved using them.