Alexander Nikitin
Alexander Nikitin ЗАО ЦФТ
: December
22 мин

Migration database Zabbix from Oracle to PostgreSQL

In the report I will talk about how Zabbix appeared in our company, how we lived with Oracle, why we decided to switch to PostgreSQL, what problems we had during the transition, and what software seemed like a good choice for working with PostgreSQL.


Александр Никитин - Миграция БД Zabbix.pptx


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  • Тарас Чикин
    Тарас Чикин Цифромед
    45 мин

    To Eat "the Elephant" in chunks: how we made friends with MSSQL, Postgres, wrote our replication, and transferred to Postgres one of the largest MISes in Russia.

    It is our experience of the medical information system "RT MIS" transfer from MSSQL to PostgreSQL . When the necessity of transfer to PostgreSQL in our "RT MIS", one of the largest medical information systems, became imminent, we felt really terrified having assessed its amount: there was a huge number of stored procedures, functions, SQL-queries in its application code and services. It all requested transcribing, was exacerbated by demands on the system accessibility. So the variant "we awoke in the morning and PostgreSQL was working everywhere" was definitely impossible. That is why we chose another way: began eating "the elephant (PostgreSQL)" in chunks.

    In my report, I am going to share our practical experience of the transfer, the instruments we used, the reason for another replication, the problems we met and their solutions. And finally, what turned out to be better: PostgreSQL or MSSQL.

  • Kamil Islamov
    Kamil Islamov Stickeroid Ai
    22 мин

    Sequences used for business-logic implementation

    Examples of Sequences' opportunities implementations for developing business-logic powered by stored functions.

  • Виктор Еремченко
    Виктор Еремченко Miro
    45 мин

    Fault-tolerance cluster PostgreSQL + Patroni

    I will speak about our experience in solving the fault-tolerance problem for PostgreSQL, which options we reviewed and how we chose Patroni.

    I will cover solution testing, quick implementation to the production and issues we faced as well as the way we solved them.

  • Tatiana Krupenya
    Tatiana Krupenya DBeaver Corp
    Сергей Ридер DBeaver Corp
    22 мин

    How to access your cloud PostgreSQL servers from highly secured corporate environment.

    Sometimes it maybe a very tricky just to establish a connection with your remote database. Especially if your working place is in highly secured corporate environment and your database server is in highly secured remote cloud.

    We will talk about bypassing SSH, SSL, jump servers, proxy servers, VPNs and various SSO (Kerberos/SSPI/LDAP/Active Directory) authentication systems in order to access your PostgreSQL database using console or rich UI interface and JDBC. We will describe different use cases - from trivial and typical to insane and over-secured.