Alicja Kucharczyk
Alicja Kucharczyk Microsoft
15:00 05 February
45 мин

Architecting petabyte-scale analytics by scaling out Postgres on Azure with Citus

The story about powering a 1.5 petabyte analytics application with 2816 cores and 18.7 TB of memory in the Citus cluster at the Microsoft. The Windows team measures the quality of new software builds by scrutinizing 20,000 diagnostic metrics based on data flowing in from 800 million Windows devices. At the same time, the team evaluates feedback from Microsoft engineers who are using pre-release versions of Windows updates. At Microsoft, the Windows diagnostic metrics are displayed on a real-time analytics dashboard called “Release Quality View” (RQV), which helps the internal “ship-room” team assess the quality of the customer experience before each new Windows update is released. Given the importance of Windows for Microsoft’s customers, the RQV analytics dashboard is a critical tool for Windows engineers, program managers, and execs.


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  • Алексей Лесовский
    Алексей Лесовский PostgreSQL Consulting LLC
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL Scaling Usecases

    Today no one is surprised by cloud infrastructure anymore, but not all its components are easy to deploy in cloud. For example, the database is always very demanding in terms of performance and resources. Scaling and fault tolerance are the most acute problems, that's why we have been observing rapid development of alternative DBMS in the recent years. However, traditional relational DBMS have already accumulated a lot of various features, so they often remain the first choice. Besides, they are constantly evolving and offer a wide variety of scaling tools. I will mainly speak about PostgreSQL, when you should consider scaling, and how to do it right.

    We will touch upon the following topics:
    - Streaming replication and balancing read/write workloads
    - Logical replication and data sharding
    - High availability and fault tolerance

    This talk should be interesting to DBAs, system administrators, team leads, infrastructure architects, as well as wider audience dealing with PostgreSQL.

  • Leonid Albrecht
    Leonid Albrecht InCountry
    Pavel Konotopov
    Pavel Konotopov inCountry
    45 мин

    Building the Enterprise infrastructure with PostgreSQL as the basis for storing personal data

    In my talk, I will tell how we built a geographically distributed system of personal data storage based on Open Source software and PostgreSQL. The concept of the inCountry business is to provide customers with a ready-to-use infrastructure for personal data storage. Our business customers are ensured that their customer’s personal data is securely stored within their country’s borders. We wrote an API and SDK and built a variety of services. Our system complies with generally accepted security standards (SOC Type 1, Type 2, PCI DSS, etc.). We built our infrastructure with Consul, Nomad, and Vault, used PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch as a storage system, Nginx, Jenkins, Artifactory, other tools to automate management and deployment. We have assembled our development and management teams - DevOps, Security, Monitoring, and DBA. We use both cloud providers and bare-metal servers located in different regions of the world. Development of the system architecture and ensuring the stability of the infrastructure, consistent and secure operation of all its components is the main task facing our teams.

  • Pavel Stehule
    Pavel Stehule freelancer
    90 мин

    The possibilities of profiling plpgsql code - available tools

    I like stored procedures - it is great technology. But like any other technologies it allows to write not well optimized code. It is not easy to write optimized code, sql statements in complex large applications. On second hand, there are some tools, that can be used very easily, that can help. Postgres has built-in tracking functions possibility. There are PLProfiler and plpgsql_check. With these tools is easy work to detect slow part of applications.With this knowledge, the fix of performance issue is less magic.

  • Teodor Sigaev
    Teodor Sigaev Postgres Professional
    Anton Doroshkevich
    Anton Doroshkevich ИнфоСофт
    45 мин

    "The world 1C" waiting for PostgreSQL

    One of the most widespread branches of PostgreSQL distribution in Russia is 1C. In the report I would like to share thoughts about what is missing in PostgreSQL according to 1C