Konstantin Evteev
Konstantin Evteev X5 FoodTech
: December
45 мин

10 years of PostgreSQL in Avito

From the very beginning, PostgreSQL in Avito has been solving very important tasks. All the main architecture components are built around DBMS. For over 10 years, the project has been actively evolving, and the infrastructure and architecture have changed a lot.

The talk will start with an overview of how PostgreSQL infrastructure and architecture have advanced in Avito over time and which challenges have been successfully resolved.

Then we'll discuss PostgreSQL usage scenarios in Avito in 2020: microservice architecture, sharding, hosting multiple databases on a single server instance, DBaaS (Database discovery, access control, failover, backup, archive, resource sharing, etc.), integration, and team evolution.
And finally, I'll share our backlog and wishlist.



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  • Egor Rogov
    Egor Rogov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    A retrospective look at the statistics

    To build a decent query plan, the optimizer has to understand statistical characteristics of underlying data. It is interesting to observe how the structure of the collected information became more complicated over time: what the optimizer relied on back in its early days and what is at his disposal now with the release of the 12th version. We will also talk about how and when statistics are collected, how to manage this process and whether it is necessary to think about it at all.

  • Bruce Momjian
    Bruce Momjian EnterpriseDB
    45 мин

    Unlocking the Postgres Lock Manager

    Locking is critical for providing high concurrency for any database — you cannot fully utilize your hardware if locking is throttling its use. This talk explores all aspects of locking in Postgres by showing queries and their locks; covered lock types include row, table, shared, exclusive, and advisory lock types. The high concurrency provided by Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) is also covered.

    Slides are at https://momjian.us/main/writings/pgsql/locking.pdf

  • Kamil Islamov
    Kamil Islamov Stickeroid Ai
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    Sequences used for business-logic implementation

    Examples of Sequences' opportunities implementations for developing business-logic powered by stored functions.

  • Álvaro Hernández
    Álvaro Hernández OnGres
    180 мин

    Kubernetes crash course for Postgres DBAs

    Kubernetes is the new way of deploying software, programmatically, on almost any infrastructure (be it cloud or on-prem). But is a complex beast. How to get started? How to dive deeper? What are the specific best-practices and special hints for Postgres DBAs dealing with Kubernetes? Join this half-day tutorial to learn, practically, among other topics:

    • How to quickly get started with Kubernetes
    • Manage storage
    • Manage services, networking and ingress/egress
    • How to make Postgres cloud-native in Kubernetes
    • Do a show-run of existing Postgres operators, including Zalando, CrunchyData and StackGres.

    This tutorial is very practical. BYOL! (Bring Your Own Laptop). With Kubernetes installed! (check microk8s, minikube or k3s if you don’t have any installed.