Tatiana Krupenya
Tatiana Krupenya DBeaver Corp
Сергей Ридер DBeaver Corp
: December
22 мин

How to access your cloud PostgreSQL servers from highly secured corporate environment.

Sometimes it maybe a very tricky just to establish a connection with your remote database. Especially if your working place is in highly secured corporate environment and your database server is in highly secured remote cloud.

We will talk about bypassing SSH, SSL, jump servers, proxy servers, VPNs and various SSO (Kerberos/SSPI/LDAP/Active Directory) authentication systems in order to access your PostgreSQL database using console or rich UI interface and JDBC. We will describe different use cases - from trivial and typical to insane and over-secured.



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  • Олег Правдин
    Олег Правдин Lingualeo
    45 мин

    Real case of smooth MySQL → PG migration of highloaded project (20+M users)

    A brief story how MySQL → PG migration could increase company efficiency tenfold times:

    1. Program code has been reduced 50 times, with optimization of backend team (from 15 to 3 engineers)
    2. Software development of new features has become measuring in days, not in months
    3. Infrastructure costs per 1M users have been reduced 20 times
    4. Database structure and technical documentation were simplified significantly, from 100K high-dependent tables to just 20 simple tables
    5. New security level because of total forbidden on external SQL commands to the database
    6. Quick analytics aggregation on multiple parameters, without external analytics systems
    7. The last, but not the least: the main business was keeping alive during migration

  • Владимир Алешин
    Владимир Алешин Avito
    45 мин

    Stored procedures as code

    We will discuss stored procedures and functions, as well as the code within the database in general. We'll take a look at stored procedures from different angles: as a DBA, a database developer, and a backend developer. We will try to understand the specifics of stored procedures that often go against the common coding guidelines, and discuss best practices for working with stored procedures.
    This is mainly a motivational talk for database and backend developers, not an advanced tech talk.

  • Konstantin Evteev
    Konstantin Evteev X5 FoodTech
    45 мин

    10 years of PostgreSQL in Avito

    From the very beginning, PostgreSQL in Avito has been solving very important tasks. All the main architecture components are built around DBMS. For over 10 years, the project has been actively evolving, and the infrastructure and architecture have changed a lot.

    The talk will start with an overview of how PostgreSQL infrastructure and architecture have advanced in Avito over time and which challenges have been successfully resolved.

    Then we'll discuss PostgreSQL usage scenarios in Avito in 2020: microservice architecture, sharding, hosting multiple databases on a single server instance, DBaaS (Database discovery, access control, failover, backup, archive, resource sharing, etc.), integration, and team evolution.
    And finally, I'll share our backlog and wishlist.

  • Andrey Zubkov
    Andrey Zubkov ООО "Пармалогика"
    22 мин

    Using a GiST index in solution of custom search problem

    I'll show an example of solving the problem of searching "similar" texts for one given text in big array using GiST index. The problem itself is not much important, but it is easy to understand. Using this problem as example, I'll show one of many methods of adapting GiST index for custom search problems. Maybe this talk will help you to solve other search problems.