Александр Кварацхелия
Александр Кварацхелия БАРС Груп
Александр Чирков
Александр Чирков Барс Груп
15:45 05 February
45 мин

Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL using an automatic converter

In the report, we want to talk about the experience of migrating one large system from Oracle to PostgreSQL. The system itself was built on the PHP + Oracle stack; its distinguishing feature was that all business logic was implemented in PL / SQL code. In a DBMS, there are more than 3000 packages with 4-10 functions (procedures) in each. In PHP - more than 10,000 forms with inserts of anonymous blocks used to receive data, process and save results in Oracle.

To solve this extremely voluminous work, we took ANTLR4 (a powerful parser generator for reading, processing, executing, or translating structured text), PL/SQL grammar, and created an automatic converter that allows you to convert all objects in the schema and our system from Oracle to working code for PostgreSQL.



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    Unlocking the Postgres Lock Manager

    Locking is critical for providing high concurrency for any database — you cannot fully utilize your hardware if locking is throttling its use. This talk explores all aspects of locking in Postgres by showing queries and their locks; covered lock types include row, table, shared, exclusive, and advisory lock types. The high concurrency provided by Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) is also covered.

    Slides are at https://momjian.us/main/writings/pgsql/locking.pdf

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    How to access your cloud PostgreSQL servers from highly secured corporate environment.

    Sometimes it maybe a very tricky just to establish a connection with your remote database. Especially if your working place is in highly secured corporate environment and your database server is in highly secured remote cloud.

    We will talk about bypassing SSH, SSL, jump servers, proxy servers, VPNs and various SSO (Kerberos/SSPI/LDAP/Active Directory) authentication systems in order to access your PostgreSQL database using console or rich UI interface and JDBC. We will describe different use cases - from trivial and typical to insane and over-secured.

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    Postgres Roadmap for the upcoming years

    A short overview of the main trends in Postgres development - both for the product itself and the community. What has changed in community goals?

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    Николай Аверин Miro
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    pg_repack and deferred constraints

    pg_repack is one of the most popular instruments for removing bloat of tables and indexes in Postgres. In most cases, it works perfectly. But if you use such a feature of Postgres as deferred constraints, using pg_repack becomes more difficult or even impossible. I will talk about how we encountered the problem and will describe some workarounds - from internal instruments of Postgres to a small patch for pg_repack.