Jose Cores Finotto
Jose Cores Finotto Gitlab Inc
12:15 05 February
45 мин

Managing PostgreSQL at Gitlab.com

I would like to present the main projects for the evolution of our database, how we execute the administration, the problems and pitfalls we found, and how we solve them,the number and how are the database clusters from Gitlab.com , and what is our planning for the future, sharding, kubernetes... Our environment is in an exponential growth, with millions of users and thousands of requests per second, and we keep our platform stable and scaling. Join our session and discover our how we are doing it!



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  • Дмитрий Гребенщиков
    Дмитрий Гребенщиков ООО "Диасофт"
    22 мин

    Features of migration of engineering software from Oracle to PostgreSQL

    Migrating engineering software from Oracle to PostgreSQL
    Dmitry will talk about using an automated migrator developed by "Diasoft" company for migrating Russian systems to PostgreSQL.
    Taking the LOOTSMAN engineering software (developed by the ASKON company), we will speak about the key aspects of migration, review possible issues and ways to resolve them, as well as discuss performance optimization methods for migrated stored procedures.

  • Pavel Luzanov
    Pavel Luzanov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL Certification Program: questions and answers.

    In May 2019 «Postgres Professional» launched the PostgreSQL Certification Program. Now you can not only get training in our courses, but also confirm your knowledge by passing an appropriate set of tests.

    In this presentation, I will share the results of the first months of the program and answer the most frequently asked questions:

    Where can I get information about the certification program?
    PostgreSQL or Postgres Pro certification?
    Certificates for PostgreSQL version 10. When will you upgrade to the current version?
    Do I have to attend training centers?
    Can I pass the test remotely? Not in Moscow?
    Is it possible to take several tests at once in one day?
    How to prepare for the test? Are there any examples of training questions?
    During the test I got an incorrect question, what should I do?
    How to find out exactly which questions the answers were not correct?
    When can I retake after an unsuccessful attempt?
    How to appeal the test results? 

  • Антон Нечеухин
    Антон Нечеухин Miro
    90 мин

    Tool as code: testing Postgres

    At the master class, we will learn how to execute fast load tests of Postgres databases: optimizing database configurations, data structure, indexes, OS settings, etc. To do this, we will create a code, build the infrastructure for the test from it and will do the test. As a result, we get a flexible tool in the code to which you can attach any monitoring, and for which you don't have to pay a lot of money, because the environment is created in 7 minutes in an empty AWS account and destroyed after test

  • Владимир Алешин
    Владимир Алешин Avito
    45 мин

    Stored procedures as code

    We will discuss stored procedures and functions, as well as the code within the database in general. We'll take a look at stored procedures from different angles: as a DBA, a database developer, and a backend developer. We will try to understand the specifics of stored procedures that often go against the common coding guidelines, and discuss best practices for working with stored procedures.
    This is mainly a motivational talk for database and backend developers, not an advanced tech talk.