Artem Ivanov
Artem Ivanov Atos IT S&S
13:30 04 February
22 мин

Don't hold back your data: multi-core hardware for PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro



Другие доклады

  • Bruce Momjian
    Bruce Momjian EnterpriseDB
    45 мин

    Non-Relational Postgres

    Postgres has always had strong support for relational storage. However, there are many cases where relational storage is either inefficient or overly restrictive. This talk shows the many ways that Postgres has expanded to support non-relational storage, specifically the ability to store and index multiple values, even unrelated ones, in a single database field. Such storage allows for greater efficiency and access simplicity, and can also avoid the negatives of entity-attribute-value (eav) storage. The talk will cover many examples of multiple-value-per-field storage, including arrays, range types, geometry, full text search, xml, json, and records.

  • Konstantin Evteev
    Konstantin Evteev X5 FoodTech
    45 мин

    10 years of PostgreSQL in Avito

    From the very beginning, PostgreSQL in Avito has been solving very important tasks. All the main architecture components are built around DBMS. For over 10 years, the project has been actively evolving, and the infrastructure and architecture have changed a lot.

    The talk will start with an overview of how PostgreSQL infrastructure and architecture have advanced in Avito over time and which challenges have been successfully resolved.

    Then we'll discuss PostgreSQL usage scenarios in Avito in 2020: microservice architecture, sharding, hosting multiple databases on a single server instance, DBaaS (Database discovery, access control, failover, backup, archive, resource sharing, etc.), integration, and team evolution.
    And finally, I'll share our backlog and wishlist.

  • Rustam Abdrakhimov
    Rustam Abdrakhimov ООО Форс-Телеком
    Alexander Liubushkin
    Alexander Liubushkin ООО "ФОРС Телеком"
    90 мин

    Development of WEB-applications for Postgres using the new tool - Live Universal Interface (LUI)

    Will be demonstrated in the master-class the following: 1). The benefits of declarative programming. Rapid creation of complex LUI-forms using only SQL. 2). Support for long transactions and automatic locks. An example of a wizard with a record directly in the database. 3). The multilingual fields and columns. Rapid inclusion of multilingualism in existing forms. 4). Control the coloring of data in fields and columns of the form. Typical examples. 5). Live search in input fields using the example of address input. 6). How to configure the LUI to enter and display of application-specific data. 7). Design form Master Detail with retrieving data from two different databases. 8). How end-user builds of complex data queries without using SQL.

  • Christopher Travers
    Christopher Travers DeliveryHero SE
    180 мин

    Extending PostgreSQL in C: A Tutorial

    PostgreSQL is one of the most readily extensible databases in the world. Custom data types, aggregations, functions, and more can be easily and safely written in C.

    This hands-on tutorial covers the basics of writing functions, data types, and aggregates in C. It is recommended (though not strictly required) that bring their own laptops and be prepared to actually try the exercises.

    Topics covered include: 1. The PostgreSQL type system 2. Creating a simple custom type in C 3. Common errors for non-C programmers 4. Creating a simple aggregate in C

    There will be many opportunities for questions and discussion through the tutorial.