Andrey Borodin
Andrey Borodin Яндекс.Облако
11:00 26 October
45 мин

CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY implementation details

From the very beginning of 2021, I'm fixing a bug in CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY. This bug manifests extremely seldom. I could not find any traces of it in mailing lists ever since the introduction of the feature in 8.2. Yet the bug affected our systems, so I decided to fix it. This is how the9i detective bug-hunting story started. In this story, I'll share details of the implementation of transactions and lock mechanics.


Другие доклады

  • Teodor Sigaev
    Teodor Sigaev Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Why do we need 64-bit transaction IDs?

    When PostgreSQL was at its formation stage, its transaction ID was chosen to be 32-bit. Back then, no one could imagine that someday we may need more than 4 billion transactions. However, ongoing technical progress and digitization pushed some Postgres instances towards their transaction ID limit. The Postgres community reacted to this with a wraparound of the transaction ID counter. However, constantly growing data volumes exposed PostgreSQL to new challenges. In my presentation, I will cover these challenges and explain how they can be solved with a 64-bit transaction ID, what the consequences will be like, why now it is a good time to implement 64x IDs, and why this hasn't been done previously.

  • Alexandra Kuznetsova
    Alexandra Kuznetsova Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Mamonsu 3.0: New Features

    Mamonsu is an active monitoring agent for PostgreSQL based on Zabbix. Mamonsu 3.0 Major Update includes new metrics and more possibilities for data visualization via Zabbix screens. It also introduces the improved functionality of Mamonsu tools for interacting with the DBMS. In addition to the new functionality overview, I will also share the nuances of upgrading to the 3.0 version.

  • Andrey Zubkov
    Andrey Zubkov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    New features of pg_profile/pgpro_pwr - historical workload profiler

    This talk is about postgres extension pg_profile - simple historic database workload profiler. I'll talk about its new features and new statistics available in Postgres 14. There is a branch of pg_profile named pgpro_pwr, designed to run in PostgresPro Enterprise Edition and PostgresPro Standard Edition databases. It is using extended performance statistics of those databases providing some valuable benefits. We'll see what's new in pgpro_pwr extension. Also I'll talk about some problems in postgres performance monitoring and their possible solutions in the future.

  • Nikita Drey
    Nikita Drey OT-OIL
    22 мин

    Peculiarities of ECM platform migration to PostgreSQL

    In this presentation, we'll reveal the process and peculiarities of our Oracle to PostgreSQL migration project. We have moved our ELDOKA corporate ECM platform to PostgreSQL, and during this talk we will explain how we ensured object-based and role-based access to data, which features were missing in the community-developed PostgreSQL, how we organized our work with spatial data and changed approach to storing our file content. We will also share our experience in time and resource savings, as well as data replication between our nodes. Performance test results will also be shared with the audience.