Pavel Luzanov
Pavel Luzanov Postgres Professional
10:15 25 October
45 мин

PostgreSQL 14. The Final Overview

Throughout the release cycle of version 14, I had the opportunity to describe the accepted patches in articles dedicated to each of the five release commitfests. The first two articles on Postgres 15 also have some remarks on PostgreSQL 14. If you have read them, you can skip my presentation :-)). On September 30, 2021, PostgreSQL 14 was officially released. Nothing will change in this major release, so it's the right time for a final overview. However, presenting each and every new feature in a 45-min. talk isn't possible. That's why I will be sharing with you my personal top of version 14 innovations.



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    Petr Devyanin ГК Astra Linux
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    How to ensure trust in system software using Astra Linux as an example

    The development of secure system software (like an operating system or a DBMS) and ensuring trust in it are complicated scientific and technical tasks. In our presentation, we will demonstrate how we resolved these tasks for the Astra Linux OS certified to comply with the highest security classes. We will discuss the key directions of our activities, from the formation of national standards to the development and verification of the formal access model, which is the basis for the attack surface protection mechanism on the OS's level. We will also share how we apply the methods and technologies of dynamic and static analysis of the program code and, finally, we will explain how we collect and analyze the data we get from analyzing the OS code. We will also discuss how to fix the code errors in the project with continuous integration.

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    New features of pg_profile/pgpro_pwr - historical workload profiler

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    TimescaleDB 2.0 - Time-series data in TimescaleDB distributed cluster on top of PostgreSQL ORDBMS.

    TimescaleDB extension allows to turn good old Postgres into a real distributed cluster for storing time series data while maintaining the relational model, convenient SQL and a time-tested ecosystem. And additional features such as continuous materialized views and data compression allow to build truly powerful telematic hubs.

  • Dmitry Vasilyev
    Dmitry Vasilyev Postgres Professional
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    PostgreSQL monitoring: sampling plan and average active sessions with your own hands

    In OZON, we work on PostgreSQL as a service. Currently, we have thousands of clusters. We know about the important questions software developers ask, and the most crucial ones are as follows: how to understand the database's workload and why this query is getting slow? In this presentation, I will explain how we help our developers answer these questions by simply having a look at our dashboard.