Mikhail Moscovskiy
10:00 21 June
45 мин

Physical replication speed in PostgreSQL

Replication is one of the important mechanisms designed to provide database fault tolerance and scalability. In our practice, we regularly encounter the problem of low replication performance. This prompted us to investigate the factors that affect the speed of physical replication. In this presentation, I will talk about our findings. I will also demonstrate the differences in replication performance for various versions of PostgreSQL.



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  • Pavel Luzanov
    Pavel Luzanov
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    PostgreSQL 15: on the finish line

    The release cycle for version 15 is nearing completion. At the time of the presentation, the complete list of changes will not be known. But for sure there will be something to talk about.

  • Alexandra Kuznetsova
    Alexandra Kuznetsova
    22 мин

    Mamonsu monitoring agent: a brief tutorial

    Mamonsu is an active monitoring agent for PostgresSQL based on Zabbix. We are actively developing the agent: there are new unique metrics and visualization capabilities. But in addition to metrics collecting mechanism, Mamonsu has other useful features. I am going to briefly describe these features also known as "Mamonsu tools", the agent's advantages and the installation process.

  • Ivan Frolkov
    Ivan Frolkov
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    Temporal types and their usage

    During my career, I've seen a lot of code, and very often I faced inaccuracies in handling dates and times. Sometimes the parties got discrepancies in the monthly reports due to such inaccuracies; or daily reports were different for Moscow and SFO, etc. I wouldn't call it a serious problem, but it's annoying and time-consuming. In all cases, such issues occur because of neglectful handling of dates and times. In my presentation, I will discuss how we can avoid it.

  • Виктор Бушмин
    Виктор Бушмин
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    System evolution: from MVP to HighLoad (ex. Insurance App)

    In June 2020, AlfaStrakhovaniye was obliged to use RSA 2.0 government services along with other insurance companies. It was the only way to sell car insurance in Russia. AlfaStrakhovaniye is a leader in car insurance, and its applications degraded under the pressure of calls. It wasn't planned. Postgres used a huge amount of CPU and memory. Nobody could tell what was going on. Degradation started and stopped for no reason. Dev Team and Postgres Pro experts solved that problem. MyBatis in Java services was the killer. Our story is about the development of applications for heavy workloads and technical ignorance while using frameworks.