Igor Kosenkov
Igor Kosenkov
17:00 25 October
45 мин

Building a GEO-Cluster

Everyone knows very well what a failover cluster PostgreSQL is and how such a cluster protects against failures within the same data center. However, recently, more and more enterprises have placed increased demands on their services, these requirements include disaster tolerance. We call such clusters a GEO-Cluster (KUK). In the report, I will talk about the varieties, principles and approaches to building GEO-Clusters PostgreSQL based on the Corosync/Pacemaker cluster software.



Другие доклады

  • Иван Чувашов
    Иван Чувашов
    45 мин

    Several production cases during one night

    We maintain large PostgreSQL databases with the total data volume exceeding 180 TB. Every instance in the cluster gets a workload of 15 thousand requests per second. These circumstances certainly impose limitations on the classical approach to updating database structures. The cost of a DBA error gets higher, as even a small error can lead to a sleepless night) In my talk, I will cover our existing limitations for changes in the production environment, non-classical DBMS behavior under heavy workloads, and will discuss PostgreSQL in general.

  • Alexey Firsov
    Alexey Firsov
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL for Python Software Developers

    I will not teach you database design or query optimization. This talk will cover Python drivers, PostgreSQL usage in Python, and various tools from sync and async world enabling such usage, and how this ecosystem evolved. We'll discuss Python libraries including aiopg, psycopg2, asyncpg, pgbouncer and how they interact with Postgres.

  • Andrey Borodin
    Andrey Borodin
    45 мин

    CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY implementation details

    From the very beginning of 2021, I'm fixing a bug in CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY. This bug manifests extremely seldom. I could not find any traces of it in mailing lists ever since the introduction of the feature in 8.2. Yet the bug affected our systems, so I decided to fix it. This is how the9i detective bug-hunting story started. In this story, I'll share details of the implementation of transactions and lock mechanics.

  • Anatoly Anfinogenov
    Anatoly Anfinogenov
    45 мин

    Migration from Oracle PL/SQL to Postgres pl/pgSQL: Two Years Later

    In 2019 we migrated distributed railway application from Oracle 11g SE to vanilla PostgreSQL 11.9. Almost 2 years have passed, the system is working good. The report focuses on how we migrated, what problems we faced during this migration and after migration, as well as what we would have done differently today experience.