Виктор Бушмин
Виктор Бушмин Росгосстрах
15:00 20 June
45 мин

System evolution: from MVP to HighLoad (ex. Insurance App)

In June 2020, AlfaStrakhovaniye was obliged to use RSA 2.0 government services along with other insurance companies. It was the only way to sell car insurance in Russia. AlfaStrakhovaniye is a leader in car insurance, and its applications degraded under the pressure of calls. It wasn't planned. Postgres used a huge amount of CPU and memory. Nobody could tell what was going on. Degradation started and stopped for no reason. Dev Team and Postgres Pro experts solved that problem. MyBatis in Java services was the killer. Our story is about the development of applications for heavy workloads and technical ignorance while using frameworks.



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