Андрей Григорьев
Андрей Григорьев Ростелеком Информационные технологии
Юрий Плотников
Юрий Плотников РТК ИТ
15:00 03 April
22 мин

The story on the development of a database change management solution and what we lacked in Liquibase and Flyway

We will tell you how we store database objects in the version control system. Then we compare the traditional approaches to manage database migrations and the one we preferred. We will talk about both methods advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we will present our change management solution - pgmig.




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  • Igor Suhorukov
    Igor Suhorukov Align Technology
    22 мин

    How to put the whole world into a regular laptop: PostgreSQL and OpenStreetMap

    I'll show in PostGIS how everyone can analyze the geodata of the entire Earth and get answers to their global questions in minutes and seconds.

    When you use a taxi in small towns, calling a car by phone, then with a high probability your trip is charged by the program based on OSM data. For billing, one of the routing packages is used. Through this use case, the taxi company employees put the house number and street on the buildings and contribute not only to their business, but also to OpenStreetMap.

    The data analytics scenario also includes the tasks of where it is better to place an outlet so that buyers come to it. Again, data on walking distance and population of the surroundings can be extracted from geodata. You can calculate the value of real estate based on many factors related to the location of the object and its surroundings.

    Scientists can build predictive models to predict epidemics, urban evolution, plan recreational areas and development of existing territories based on open geodata.

    Well, you can answer any geography question that comes to your mind: calculate the area of cities and buildings, the length of roads and extract the names of cities, regions and islands. You can, for example, become a champion in the game of "Cities" or establish a new service for renting electric scooters. Everything is limited only by your imagination.

    I published https://github.com/igor-suhorukov/openstreetmap_h3 - my project of high performance data loader, which allows you to perform geoanalytics on data from OpenStreetMap in PostGIS. It transform OpenStreetMap World/Region PBF dump into partitioned by H3 regions schema. Columnar storage option activate CitusDB extension in PostgreSQL to speedup aggregation queries.

  • Pavel Konotopov
    Pavel Konotopov inCountry
    45 мин

    Five shades of sharding

    The importance of sharding is now colossal. The size of today's databases exceeds 100 terabytes, scaling up vertically, and adding replicas containing a complete physical copy of the database is becoming difficult, especially when computational resources are scarce. Database sharding is a way to scale horizontally by partitioning data between compute nodes that are independent of each other.

    In the PostgreSQL world, there are well-known scaling tools - CitusDB, and Greenplum - as well as new generation solutions - Cockroach DB, Yugabyte DB, SPQR, and Shardman.

    In this talk, we will discuss the difference between these implementations, the advantages, and disadvantages of these solutions, examine the current state of implementation of sharding in vanilla PostgreSQL, and also touch on another important topic - providing data integrity and consistency guarantees across a distributed cluster.

  • Anatoly Anfinogenov
    Anatoly Anfinogenov АО "ВНИИЖТ"
    22 мин

    Vacuum Therapy: Treatment of Chronic DB Disease

    Three years ago we successfully migrated our application from Oracle DBMS to vanilla PostgreSQL. After that we faced with "childhood" diseases of our application on the new DBMS, which were successfully cured, and some "chronic diseases", which took much longer to deal with. One of the most memorable problems was the problem of DB performance degradation. The source of this problems was insufficient vacuuming of our database. The experience of understanding and solving this problem is offered to your attention in the form of practical recommendations to prevent DB tables and indices bloat and setting up PostgreSQL VACUUM/autovacuum parameters.

  • Maksim Emelin
    Maksim Emelin Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Using Debezium as a tool for delta migration

    Delta migration case using Debezium is considered in details as well as the process of change data capture, sinking, applying configurations and load testing.