All about PostgreSQL Security

Ibrar Ahmed

Percona LLC

Senior Software Engineer - PostgreSQL Consultant

12:05 (UTC+3) , english

PostgreSQL provides different levels of security. This talk will cover all the available security techniques used in PostgreSQL 13. We’ll look at client-side security (LibPq, JDBC) through to server-side security. It will cover all supported authentication methods and the pros and cons of all these methods. Some of the key features of the talk are:

  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • SSL, TLS, GSSAPI, and OpenSSL
  • Client-Side Encryption
  • Securing Authentication
  • Securing Data on the disk
  • Securing Backup & Basebackup
  • Securing Replication
  • Database Roles and Privileges

It’s important to be familiar with all the security levels such as (1)network-level security (2) on-disk security (3) row-level, (4), and column level security. The talk will cover all the aspects with some real-life use cases and examples.