March 01 – 03 , 2021

PGConf.Online 2021


PGConf.Online 2021

PGConf.Russia is a leading Russian PostgreSQL international conference, annually taking together more than 700 PostgreSQL professionals from Russia and other countries — core and software developers, DBAs and IT-managers. This will be the first experience PGConf.Online


  • PostgreSQL at the cutting edge of technology: big data, internet of things, blockchain
  • New features in PostgreSQL and around: PostgreSQL ecosystem development
  • PostgreSQL in business software applications: system architecture, migration issues and operating experience
  • Integration of PostgreSQL to 1C, GIS and other software application systems.
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PGConf.Online 2021
  • Pavel Borisov
    Pavel Borisov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Speed up your fast text search queries with RUM index

    Fast text search queries can be made even faster with indexing on lexemes inside compound records of tsvector format. RUM index is an open-source PostgreSQL extension. It represents a big improvement of GIN index and it can index lexemes with additional information e.g. tsvector lexeme weight-mark. So it can support tsvector capabilities more.

    Until recently it was needed to recheck results of weight-containing queries by table. My modification (2020) is to make the processing of this kind of queries index-only and therefore much faster.

    Also, I will describe and provide benchmarks for different usage cases for fast text search. We'll see how RUM index can improve the performance and compare it with PostgreSQL internal GIN index.

  • Dmitry Ursegov
    Dmitry Ursegov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Shardman - the native approach to sharding in PostgreSQL

    The amount of data that is handled today by Enterprises and Web companies is constantly growing. At the same time, it becomes increasingly difficult to have and synchronize several copies of data in different systems. As a result there is a demand to work with large amounts of data directly in a transactional DBMS. This requirement is often imposed by the logic of applications that need real-time results. In this talk we will consider what a universal distributed transactional DBMS can be. We will analyze such aspects as the types of load and their prioritization, dynamic resource allocation and the level of consistency. What tools in PostgreSQL can be used to build such system, what we have already done and what is still missing.

  • Alexander Nikitin
    Alexander Nikitin ЗАО ЦФТ
    22 мин

    Pitfalls we face when cloning and transferring PostgreSQL databases & clusters

    Cloning and transferring PostgreSQL databases & clusters often looks simple.

    However, you can get confused while performing these simple operations, too. During my presentation, I will explain which pitfalls you may face while cloning and transferring PostgreSQL databases & clusters. We'll see what can be done to improve the performance of these operations and list the unexpected issues that arise while performing these seemingly simple operations.

  • Daniele Varrazzo
    Daniele Varrazzo Codice Lieve
    90 мин

    Python for PostgreSQL: how to use it, how to be good at it

    Let's see, with practical examples, how to make Python and PostgreSQL talk to each other seamlessly: how to connect to a server, how to exchange data, manage transactions, passing parameters in a safe and expressive way, how to manage notifications.

    We will cover psycopg2, the most used PostgreSQL adapter for Python, but also look and the up and coming psycopg3: what will remain the same, what will change, how to better organise a Python program to make the most of PostgreSQL.

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PGConf.Online 2021