March 0103   Online

PGConf.Online 2021

What is PGConf.Online 2021?


PGConf.Russia is a leading Russian PostgreSQL international conference, annually taking together more than 700 PostgreSQL professionals from Russia and other countries — core and software developers, DBAs and IT-managers. This will be the first experience PGConf.Online


When and Where

  • March 01 – 03, 2021
  • Online

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  1. Conferences like this give people a personal feeling for the software. You can understand why people are passioned about it. They get confidence in using it and confidence that the software is gonna be around for a long time. The conference has people who is responsible for and designing Postgres. And I really think it excites to continue using Postgres.

  2. This is a very technically oriented conference. There is a lot of knowledge sharing happening. A lot of really talented people. And it is also for us a great opportunity to tap into the Russian market, a very interesting market for Postgres.