Igor Kosenkov
Igor Kosenkov Postgres Professional
11:45 02 March
90 мин

High availability cluster using crmsh

Some OS distributions do not have a pcs configuration utility to create a high availability cluster PostgreSQL. In this case, the crm utility from the crmsh package will help us. It is more difficult to use, but powerful and effective.

In my master class, I will show how to use this utility, as well as configure a failover cluster in different configurations.


Другие доклады

  • Daniele Varrazzo
    Daniele Varrazzo Codice Lieve
    90 мин

    Python for PostgreSQL: how to use it, how to be good at it

    Let's see, with practical examples, how to make Python and PostgreSQL talk to each other seamlessly: how to connect to a server, how to exchange data, manage transactions, passing parameters in a safe and expressive way, how to manage notifications.

    We will cover psycopg2, the most used PostgreSQL adapter for Python, but also look and the up and coming psycopg3: what will remain the same, what will change, how to better organise a Python program to make the most of PostgreSQL.

  • Julien Rouhaud
    Julien Rouhaud
    22 мин

    Don't fear your next glibc upgrade

    PostgreSQL relies on the system collation libraries, such glibc or ICU, for text ordering. One know caveat is that when the library change its sort order for a collation, any index created using the old order is likely to be corrupted when the new version of the library is installed.

    In this talk, we'll see the improvements done in PostgreSQL 14 to keep track of the collation versions, detect and fix possible index corruption due to library upgrades and the work currently being done to further improve this area.

  • Álvaro Hernández
    Álvaro Hernández OnGres
    Fabrízio Mello
    Fabrízio Mello OnGres Inc
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL Network Filter for EnvoyProxy

    How do you monitor Postgres? What information can you get out of it, and to what degree does this information help to troubleshoot operational issues? What if you want/need to log all the queries? That may bring heavy trafficked databases down.

    At OnGres we’re obsessed with improving PostgreSQL’s observability. So we worked together with Tetrate folks on an Envoy’s Network Filter extension for PostgreSQL, to provide and extend observability of the traffic inout a cluster infrastructure. This extension is public and open source. You can use it anywhere you use Envoy. It allows you to capture automated metrics and to debug network traffic. This talk will be a technical deep-dive into PostgreSQL’s protocol decoding, Envoy proxy filters and will cover all the capabilities of the tool and its usage and deployment in any environment.


  • Robert Haas
    Robert Haas EnterpriseDB
    45 мин

    Avoiding, Detecting, and Recovering From Corruption

    PostgreSQL databases can become corrupted for a variety of reasons, including hardware failure, software failure, and user error. In this talk, I’ll talk about some of my experiences with database corruption. In particular, I’ll mention some of the things which seem to be common causes of database corruption, such as procedural errors taking or restoring backups; some of the ways that database corruption most often manifests when it does occur, such as errors indicating inconsistencies between a table and its indexes or a table and its toast table; and a little bit about techniques that I have seen used to repair databases or recover from corruption, including some experiences with pg_resetxlog. This talk will be based mostly on my experiences working with EnterpriseDB customers; I hope that it will be useful to hackers from the point of view of thinking about possible improvements to PostgreSQL, and to end users from the point of view of helping them avoid, diagnose, and cope with corruption.