Тарас Чикин
Тарас Чикин
11:00 12 Novermber
45 мин



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  • Gregory Smolkin
    Gregory Smolkin
    45 мин

  • Anton Doroshkevich
    Anton Doroshkevich
    22 мин

    Features switching 1C replica and back

    1C is not able to work out of the box with several DB instances at once, so switching "out of the box" of 1C to a replica in case of failure of the wizard and back does not exist. In my report, I want to talk about approaches to such switching and several options for its implementation.

  • Rustam Abdrakhimov
    Rustam Abdrakhimov
    45 мин

    Live Universal Interface – rapid development of complex interface forms for Postgres

    For almost 2 years, Live Universal Interface (LUI) has been successfully used as an interface development tool for large industrial systems, the first report on it was at the conference "PgConf.Russia 2019" - https://pgconf.ru/2019/118109. LUI is very suitable for the development of billing systems, financial management, accounting and production control. There is experience in using LUI to create Personal Cabinet of end users. Support for almost all modern browsers, changing forms without compiling directly on the working system, collective development, rich infrastructure, rapid entry of the developer into the project, - makes LUI extremely convenient means of application-both in new projects and in long-existing ones, in which new forms will gradually replace the old ones.

  • Александр Смолин
    Александр Смолин
    22 мин

    Zabbix migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL

    The report describes a simple and effective way to migrate configuration and historical data of Zabbix monitoring system from Oracle to PostgreSQL.