Andrey Borodin
Andrey Borodin Яндекс
Evgeniy Dyukov
Evgeniy Dyukov Yandex
13:30 01 March
45 мин

How to manage an open source HA RDBMS in a cloud environment

High availability solutions have become extremely popular in the past few years. They play a critical role in building reliable systems based on affordable hardware. In this presentation, we will pay attention to some of the subtle aspects of the design and maintenance of such systems. In addition, the issues of capturing changes on a HA cluster will be addressed.


Другие доклады

  • Kohei KaiGai
    Kohei KaiGai HeteroDB
    45 мин

    GPU version of PostGIS and GiST-Index

    This talk introduces GPU version of PostGIS and GiST-Index that we have developed as a new feature of PG-Strom.

    Nowadays, our devices (like mobile phones) generate geolocational data time-by-time, and it is often utilized for area-marketing, push-delivery, disaster notification, and so on. People often use GIS technology to pick up users based on their current location. Even if area definitions are complicated polygons, PostGIS functions can generate right intersections, however, it is often highly computing intensive workloads.

    GPU is designed for massive parallel computing workloads, with more than thousands cores per chip. And, we have developed PG-Strom extension to run a part of SQL workloads on GPU devices. At the upcoming PG-Strom v3.0, it newly supports several PostGIS functions and GiST-index for the computing intensive geolocational workloads.

    In this talk, we will introduce the technology background, usage, implementation and benchmark result of GPU version of PostGIS and GiST-Index.

  • Mahmoud SAKR
    Mahmoud SAKR Université libre de bruxelles
    Esteban Zimányi
    Esteban Zimányi ULB
    90 мин

    Managing moving objects data with MobilityDB

    MobilityDB is a moving object database extension to PostgreSQL and PostGIS. It has types and functions for storing an querying geospatial trajectories, as first class citizens. The main type is called tgeompoint (temporal geometry point). It represents a complete movement track of a geometry point, such as a car, a bird, or a person. The function speed(tgeompoint) computes the time varying speed of the object, as a tfloat (temporal float). Similar to these examples, MobilityDB has 6 temporal types, and over 300 functions. As such, it is a function-rich platform for Mobility Data Management.

    In this tutorial you will:

    • learn about moving object databases
    • write MobilityDB SQL queries and explore a database of geospatial trajectories
    • walk through the different type, indexes, and functions of MobilityDB.

  • Ivan Panchenko
    Ivan Panchenko Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Postgres Pro DBMS: what’s new & what’s on the roadmap

    In this talk, you'll learn about Postgres Pro DBMS from the co-founder of Postgres Professional. Ivan will explain the philosophy behind this enhanced variant of PostgreSQL, reveal the differences between Postgres and Postgres Pro and provide the roadmap for the further evolution of Postgres Pro DBMS.

  • Daria Vilkova
    Daria Vilkova Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Zabbix Agent 2: new features and how to configure the agent for PostgreSQL monitoring

    In Zabbix Server 5.0.1 the PostgreSQL monitoring plugin has become available for Zabbix Agent 2. It was developed by Postgres Professional in collaboration with Zabbix. In the presentation, we will talk about how the plugin works, discuss some options for its configuration, as well as how to add custom metrics to it.