Fabrízio Mello
Fabrízio Mello OnGres Inc
Álvaro Hernández
Álvaro Hernández OnGres
16:00 02 March
45 мин

PostgreSQL Network Filter for EnvoyProxy

How do you monitor Postgres? What information can you get out of it, and to what degree does this information help to troubleshoot operational issues? What if you want/need to log all the queries? That may bring heavy trafficked databases down.

At OnGres we’re obsessed with improving PostgreSQL’s observability. So we worked together with Tetrate folks on an Envoy’s Network Filter extension for PostgreSQL, to provide and extend observability of the traffic inout a cluster infrastructure. This extension is public and open source. You can use it anywhere you use Envoy. It allows you to capture automated metrics and to debug network traffic. This talk will be a technical deep-dive into PostgreSQL’s protocol decoding, Envoy proxy filters and will cover all the capabilities of the tool and its usage and deployment in any environment.



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  • Julien Rouhaud
    Julien Rouhaud
    22 мин

    Don't fear your next glibc upgrade

    PostgreSQL relies on the system collation libraries, such glibc or ICU, for text ordering. One know caveat is that when the library change its sort order for a collation, any index created using the old order is likely to be corrupted when the new version of the library is installed.

    In this talk, we'll see the improvements done in PostgreSQL 14 to keep track of the collation versions, detect and fix possible index corruption due to library upgrades and the work currently being done to further improve this area.

  • Dmitry Ursegov
    Dmitry Ursegov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Shardman - the native approach to sharding in PostgreSQL

    The amount of data that is handled today by Enterprises and Web companies is constantly growing. At the same time, it becomes increasingly difficult to have and synchronize several copies of data in different systems. As a result there is a demand to work with large amounts of data directly in a transactional DBMS. This requirement is often imposed by the logic of applications that need real-time results. In this talk we will consider what a universal distributed transactional DBMS can be. We will analyze such aspects as the types of load and their prioritization, dynamic resource allocation and the level of consistency. What tools in PostgreSQL can be used to build such system, what we have already done and what is still missing.

  • Andreas Scherbaum
    Andreas Scherbaum Pivotal
    45 мин

    Managing PostgreSQL with Ansible

    Ansible is an open-source configuration management and deployment tool, which can be used to manage servers and software installations. This talk will briefly cover Ansible itself, and then explain how Ansible is used to install and configure PostgreSQL on a server. Examples will round up the talk.

  • Daniele Varrazzo
    Daniele Varrazzo Codice Lieve
    45 мин

    psycopg3: all the love between Python and PostgreSQL

    Python is today one of the most used programming languages in the world: simple to learn and to use and ready to interface to any known service and protocol. psycopg2 is the most used PostgreSQL driver for Python: it offers good performance and makes the communication between the language and the database as smooth as possible.

    Python has evolved enormously in the past years and its first-class support for async programming is changing the way new programs are written. PostgreSQL has evolved too: a new generation of the driver is needed to make the most of all the features it has to offer.

    psycopg3 is the new generation of the most used Python-PostgreSQL adapter: it offers a familiar interface and smooth upgrade path, but behind the scenes it is engineered to obtain the best performance from the database and the language: async programming, prepared statements, binary parameters.

    psycopg3 is also experimenting with innovative JSONB support and query pipelining! Come and discover the forefront of the research between your most loved language and database!